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Pin Assignment of a Gameport

The gameport-interface has 15 pins on all PCs. Below there is a view on a gameport connector (male, the numbering of the female side is just the other way round). You can in most cases also find the numbers on the connectors if you have a close look on them.


The pin assignment is as follows:

Gameport without Midi:

PIN Function
1 Vcc (+5V)
2 Button 1
3 Analog 1 (Joystick 1 X-Axis)
6 Analog 2 (Joystick 1 Y-Axis)
7 Button 2
8 Vcc (+5V)
9 Vcc (+5V)
10 Button 3
11 Analog 3 (Joystick 2 X-Axis)
12 GND
13 Analog 4 (Joystick 2 Y-Axis)
14 Button 4
15 Vcc (+5V)

Nowadays, most gameports are part of a soundcard. These gameports are also Midi-ports. Because of this, they have some slight differences in their pin assignment. The pins number 12 and 15 are no longer assigned to GND and Vcc, but are now used as "Midi TXD" (transmit, pin 12) and "Midi RXD" (receive, pin 15).