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Relay software

Windows console version RCC 1.2.1, choice of port (COM1 to COM4) by command-line parameter.
Without parameter, COM1 is used.
The corresponding source code for RCC 1.2.1 (GPL)

Momentary switching special Windows version RCM 2.0 without GUI or console interaction. It has three command-line parameters: One for the port (COM1 to COM4), the second for the switching pulse length in milliseconds, the third for the choice between DTR and RTS. Without use of these parameters, the port is COM1, the signal line DTR and the pulse length is 250 ms.
Special thanks to Mr. David Dade from UK for this idea and his feedbacks.
The corresponding source code for RCM 2.0 (GPL)

Another variant: 2RCM, version 1.0 switches two relays on one serial port. Both are switched on together and switched off after individually specified times. One is switched by the DTR line, the other by RTS.
The corresponding source code for 2RCM 1.0 (GPL)

Windows GUI-Version RelayControl 4.0, based on wxWidgets. Here's one screenshot:
rc3 - screenshot
The corresponding source code for RelayControl 4.0 (GPL).

Version for momentary relay switching as Linux-version (source with makefile etc., licensed under GPL)